Sugar is added to most processed food sold today. Food manufacturers use it because it’s very cheap, abundant, a great flavour enhancer, an amazing preservative and it’s incredibly addictive. But there’s increasing scientific evidence since the 1970’s that it’s sugar that is harmful to our health and not fat as we have previously been told.

Sugar added to food and increasing consumption of sugar sweetened beverages (including fruit juice) is now generally accepted as the #1 factor contributing to many of the disorders which are the major causes of diseases in the Western culture including heart disease, obesity, Type 2 diabetes, tooth decay and some cancers.

A concerning fact is that much of the advertising used by the processed food industry is targeted at our children. At an age when they are developing their tastes and eating habits that will inevitably stay with them into adulthood they are literally becoming addicted to a food additive that has no nutritional value and has serious detrimental effects on their health. Many parents are feeding their children increasing quantities of sugar, turning what was previously an occasional treat into an everyday staple.

Food that is marketed by the processed food industry as ‘healthy’ and ‘low-fat’ is often high in sugar leading consumers to believe they are making wise choices in relation to their health when, in fact, they are consuming food and beverages that are doing them more harm than good.

This site will share independent scientific research, media articles, videos and other evidence that will help readers discover the truth about sugar, it’s negative affects on our health and how the processed food manufacturers and the food associations representing them have done everything in their power to cover up the facts and divert consumers away from true scientific research in pursuit of greater profits.

Please take some time to read the articles, watch the videos and generally educate yourself on the role sugar plays in our diet. If you don’t have time to watch or read everything then jump to our Essential Reading and Viewing pages to grab some of the most informative nuggets of information.

It might save your life or at the very least make you a little bit healthier.